Dental Insurance

We accept many third party payment (insurance) plans and do our best to fully inform patients about their treatment options and the associated costs prior to performing any treatment. It is our philosophy that patients should be educated about the nature of their treatment and fully informed about treatment alternatives and fees, as well as, what can be expected from their insurance company.

We calculate the insured patient’s portion based on the patient’s estimated coverage provided by the insurance company either by phone, fax, or web portal or a formal written pre-treatment estimate provided by the insurance company. We always recommend getting the insurance company to provide a pre-treatment estimate in writing prior to treatment, however this is still an estimate and not a guarantee of payment. All benefits provided by the insurance company are subject to change based on the policies contracted through the group administrator, employer, or individual subscriber.

We cannot, however, be responsible for any portion that the insurance company does not pay.  Our promise is to present to the insurance a clear, well-documented claim for services with the necessary documentation required to process the claim in a timely manner. Balances not paid by insurance are the responsibility of the patient or responsible parent or guardian. To ensure timely payment by insurance company we ask that our patients please respond promptly to any inquiries we may have in regard to the patient’s coverage. Insurance companies often require a signature for student dependents over the age of 18 or documentation of a divorce decree for primary insurance coverage for a dependent.

As a courtesy to our current or potential patients we provide insurance verification services. If we do not accept your plan, we will let you know right away. If you have any questions regarding your coverage or about insurance coverage in general we are more that happy to help you.


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